Monday, April 13, 2009

Brazilian Wax Craziness Part II

So on 3/18, we hit our climax where newspapers began to call us for the scoop on how we were fighting back the NJ Brazilian Wax ban. We did not know but the Saturday before SNL mentioned the issue on their weekend update saying that New Jersey would now be called the Overgrown Garden State. TV's got interested in the story as well as radio. a Big thank you to Channel 12 news for coming out on 3/19 and doing a story with us. And a big shout to NJ 101.5 who also came to interview and did a long discussion of the issue with Dennis and Michelle as well as their morning news. We were so excited to have the press involved and the whole world began to discuss the silly NJ wax ban. We were surprised that Philadelphia TV stations and news papers were the first to really be interested in the story. A reporter from the Daily news Jason Nark, was the first to write on the issue and his articles were copied in over 100 blogs., The Division of consumer Affairs had told him it was due to two complaints from women who had placed lawsuits and that the NJ Board would be meeting on 4/14 to vote on the ban. When we saw Jason's first article we immediately contacted him and he called to interview us. He then wrote his second article which was updated info and explained that the Board had already voted on 3/10 and that it was out of their hands now and we needed to appeal to the Division of Law in order for them to investigate if the Board's decision was constitutional or not. Here is the link for Jason Nark's article:

But people kept saying the same wrong info over and over and were fighting against the current because it was hard to get that out of peopl's heads. So we were so excited that Channel 12 did a great story explaing it better and it grew and grew. We then saw that the controversial Rush Limbaugh mentioned that no government should be involved in women's crotches and we could not agree more. Never though I would say that but I did.

3/20, when we were still getting lots of PR feedback, my phone died and I did not have my cell for an hour. When I finally was able to charge it, I could never have forseen the messages I was getting. " The Ban is off. All is back to normal". I was so confused and so our publicist Sherry Butler and I called Rosemary Wiener to fully understand what had happened. The director of the Division of Consumer Affairs wrote a letter to the Associated Press saying that the NJ Board should reconsider the Brazilian Wax since it was done safely in other places. The media went nuts and began reporting the Ban was off. NJ looked even more ridiculous, Ban one day, no Ban the next. Mr. Schuzman's letter was not a mandate, as Ms. Wiener explained but a recommendation that the NJ Board reconsidered this. The service is still illegal because it has not been written into the rules and regulations and although right now they are not enforcing fines, it is still illegal. Never had such a think occurred, the buck was passed back down to the NJ Board of Cosmetology and they meet tomorrow to discuss how they shall proceed with this issue. In the meanwhile, Brazilian Waxing remains ILLEGAL in the state of NJ. We held a petition meeting at our salon where Ms. Wiener explained all of this to us and we gathered petitions and signatures. The ASSP did another petition now to the NJ Board of Cosmetology for them to really place the Brazilian Wax into the rules and regulations. We shall see what will happen tomorrow.


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