Monday, March 30, 2009

Brazilian Waxing is still illegal in NJ

South River, NJ (March 25, 2009)…Feuza Reis, Business Development Director of Jaira’s Salon and Umbelina Santos, President of BAUA- Brazilian American United Association, and a hairdresser herself, to host a meeting of Brazilian salon owners and public regarding the brazilian waxing legalization issue. The meeting is Monday March 30th at 6pm, East Side Community Center, 296 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ (in the ironbound section of Newark which has a population of over 70,000 Brazilians). For more information contact Feuza Reis at 908-812-9650 or go to

Many feel no action is needed and is unnecessary based on new factors. On March 20, reacting to growing dissent from salon owners and customers, New Jersey Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman rejected the board's proposal and asked it "to begin an immediate review of the training necessary to safely provide this service, and to establish appropriate protocols and safeguards."

However, the truth is that the ban is not lifted until the Board of Cosmetology decides and they could still say NO! It is still illegal until the law is changed by the Board of Cosmetology. Rosemary Weiner, chairwoman of the Association of Salon and Spa Professionals in New Jersey (ASSPNJ) recommends the grassroots campaign of signing and faxing the form letters requesting the legalization continue.
The ASSPNJ statement on this issue:

“This cannot be legally deemed as a lifting of the ban on removal of hair from the genital area until such time as the language in the rules & regulations is modified to permit this service to be performed. So long as the current language is in place, one must consider the Brazilian technique, and removal of hair from the back, chest and buttocks to be prohibited services as stated in the current rules & regulations and affirmed by the Board of Cosmetology.”

“The next meeting of the Board of Cosmetology is scheduled to be held on 04/14/09. All pressure must come to bear on the Board of Cosmetology to put this important issue on their agenda and to create language that would include removal of hair from the genital area, chest, back and buttocks, by waxing, as permissible services for a licensee to perform. That has not yet happened.”


HyunChard said...

I wonder why some people wanted to ban brazilian bikini waxing. Do they have unbearable experiencing regarding waxing? tsk.

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