Friday, June 26, 2009

Pre/Post Waxing Tips!!


  1. Do Your Research! Look for all the salons in your area that do Brazilian Waxing, and find out how long each has been waxing, what kind of license they have, and who will be doing the brazilian wax.
  2. Visit Different Salons! Physically go to the places and see how sanitary they look, if a place looks sketchy, walk away. No matter how cheap they are offering the service, the price to pay afterward could be much worse!
  3. Wait At Least One Week After Shaving To Make an Appointment!
  4. Take Two Extra Strength Tylenol Two Hours Before Your Appointment!
  5. Make Sure To Shower Before Coming in To Your Appointment.
  6. Consult Your Dermatologist in case you have sensitive skin, because waxing may not be the right solution for people with certain skin conditions. And avoid waxing facial hair if you use Retinol.
Post- Waxing
  1. Avoid Body Lotions Right After Getting Waxed.
  2. Avoid Tanning For At Least Three Days.
  3. You May Shower After Your Appointment.
  4. If You Have Any Questions, Don't Be Afraid To ask The Esthetician, That's What They're There For!


fiona said...

this is a good research about brazilian bikini waxing! love your tips! thank youu and more powers :)

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Justine Cricks said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm really looking forward to our Spring break! My friends told me that there are waxing treatments that are painless. I really want to have that bikini waxing treatment just so that the bikini we bought won't go to waste.

John said...

I have actually tried both of these procedures. I prefer hard waxing over strip waxing because it's relatively less painful, and it complements my sensitive skin. Well, it varies which type of wax procedure goes well for you, I suppose.
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Veronica Williams said...

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