Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Economy good for the Beauty Industry

It has been a long time but business is booming and although we are in tough economic times, Jaira's Waxing Salon will be opening it's second location on Route 9 in Old Bridge, NJ. More info on that too come. Let us face it, when we get sad or depressed we look for ways to feel good about our selves, this is why alcohol industry is not suffering and neither will the beauty industry. Yes people are cutting back and being more cautious with their spending but women love to groom and there are some things you can not cut back and for many women belive it or not though painful are not cutting back on their BBW's once a month. We are also starting to see some men walk in the door and going bare down under and about. Watch out for that info to come. We can not put a price on wellness or on feeling clean, refreshed and sexy so hoping sales will be up for mom's place and more info on new salon to come.
P.S mom just came back from Barcelona where she was doing a course on color and cut and she came back with a rock star haircut. Need to get the photo.


Anonymous said...

Great. When will it be opening ?

Gwendolyn Ray said...

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